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Colonic irrigation fills the large intestine with two or three quarts of water and results in repeated bowel movements to clear out the body's digestive track. Tepid water enters through tubing inserted in the anus. The end of the tube may be lubricated with soap or petroleum jelly. You can add a variety of substances, used sparingly, to the water: coffee, aloe vera and essential oils, for instance.

Hold the water inside as long as possible before an urgent need to use the toilet. A tummy massage is helpful during the irrigation. As the water flows in, gently rub the stomach up, across and down.

An enema or irrigation is most comfortable when lying down in an area near the toilet. You can do the irrigation in a tub filled with warm water to make the procedure more relaxing. Hold the water as long as you can, then get up to use the toilet.

Enema Bag

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A rubber bag with tubing and a plastic tip is one device suitable for a colon cleanse. The bag looks like an old-fashioned, hot-water bottle. Reusable enema bags are available online or at stores for $12 and up. You can purchase a disposable bag with tubing for less than $5.

The bag is filled with tepid water and suspended on a shower pole or a door hook. A clip holds the water back until the tip is inserted. A small-size bag may need to be refilled to provide the maximum amount of water that can be tolerated. The more water, the better the cleanse.

Bottled Solutions

Purchase three bottles of a prepared enema solution at a drugstore for less than $1 each. The plastic bottles have a long tip to be inserted into the anus. Squeeze the liquid in, hold and repeat with one or two more bottles for a deep cleanse. A comfortable position to insert the bottle is lying on the floor on one's side with knees bent forward. Hold the water as long as you can, and then go to the toilet.

At-Home Colon Cleanse Kit with Board

An at-home colonic irrigation kit with a board costs $250 and up. The board allows the person to lie down off the floor in the bathroom. One end of the board with a hole sits on the toilet. The other end of the board is on a chair, creating a flat surface on which to lie. The kits come with buckets for water and tubing. As the irrigation starts to work, defecation can be done into the toilet without having to move.

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