A Tassimo coffee maker produces single-serving drinks using individual pucks packed with coffee, tea, or other hot beverage ingredients. Here's how to prep and use it.


Tassimo machines need to be prepped before they can be used to brew drinks. To prep the filtration system:

  1. Rinse out the water tank and then fill it with water.
  2. Plug in the machine.
  3. Turn the machine on using the On/Off switch, so that all indicator lights flash.
  4. Place a 7-ounce mug on the cup stand and open the brewing mechanism.
  5. Place the T-Disc cleaning disc with the bar code face down in the brewing unit.
  6. Tightly close the brewing unit, wait 5 seconds, and press the Start/Stop button.
  7. Open and close the brewing unit, but do not remove the T-Disc cleaning disc.
  8. Wait until the heating light switches to auto, then press the Start/Stop button again.
  9. Repeat the last three steps.
  10. Remove the T-Disc cleaning disc—set it aside for later use, do not throw it out—and brew your first Tassimo drink.

Making a single drink

  • Turn on the Tassimo brewer and ensure there's enough water in the water tank.
  • Place a T-Disc, bar code side down, in the brewing unit, located at the top of the machine.
  • Close the lid of the brewing unit, ensuring the lid is firmly shut.
  • Place a cup directly under the dispensing area of the machine.
  • Push the Start/Stop button.


As each brewer is programmed to dispense the exact amount of water required for a single serving, there's

no need

to manually stop the machine from brewing.