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Tassimo coffee makers are designed for fast and simple beverage creation, brewing just one drink at a time. These machines brew coffee, espresso, tea, hot chocolate and even cappuccinos through a proprietary pod-based system.

The Tassimo disc pods, also called T discs, each have a bar code printed on them that tells the machine the best way to brew the selected hot beverage. Because the bar-code system is designed specifically for a Tassimo brewer, this type of machine can't use other types of pods or K-cups.

Before First Use

Any Tassimo brewer requires a simple setup procedure before first use, but this process is a bit different than preparing other types of coffee brewers for use.

  • Plug in the machine, and then remove the service T disc from its storage tray near the bottom on the back of the machine. 
  • Slide the water tank off the machine, then wash and dry it.
  • Fill the water tank up with cool tap water.
  • Press the Power button on the front of the machine.
  • Lift the brew head, which is the lid that covers the T disc compartment. Insert the service T disc, and close the brew head.
  • Place a coffee mug that holds at least 9 ounces on the mug tray in the front of the machine. 
  • Press the button, and the brewer will perform a cleaning cycle.
  • Empty the mug's water, then repeat the cleaning process four more times.
  • Wait for the cup light to turn solid orange, then remove the service disc from the brew head. Be careful, as it could be a tad hot. 
  • Place the service disc back in its holder on the back of the machine. The machine is now ready to brew a hot beverage.

Bosch Tassimo Instructions

Brewing a hot beverage in a Tassimo coffee brewer is much like using other pod-based, single-cup systems. All Bosch Tassimo brewers offer the same features and use the same T discs.

  • Add water to the water reservoir if it is empty or nearly empty. 
  • Place a coffee mug or cup on the cup holder in the front of the machine. Use a cup large enough to contain the beverage; for instance, don't use an espresso cup if you're brewing a full cup of coffee. 
  • Press the Power button to turn on the device, then wait for the standby light to illuminate.
  • Open the brew head lid, then insert a T disc containing the desired beverage type. Insert the disc barcode facing down, with the disc's tab fitting the slot on the right. Close the lid, pressing down until it clicks.
  • Wait for the standby light to flash, which means the machine is reading the barcode. The "automatic" green light will illuminate when the machine is ready to brew.
  • Press the "Start/Stop" button to begin the brewing process. The machine will stop brewing once it releases an optimal amount of hot liquid. If you wish to stop the brew for a shorter drink, press the same button again at the desired stopping point during the brewing process.
  • Remove the used T disc once the orange standby light illuminates. It may be warm or hot, so use caution and hold it by its tab to prevent burning.
  • Feel free to brew another beverage using another cup and a fresh T disc immediately after you brew the first drink. If you won't be brewing any more beverages, turn the device off. 

Note: Tassimo T discs sold for cappuccino, macchiato or latte beverages come in a set that contains two discs: one with espresso, one with milk or creamer. Brew the dairy T disc first, then follow up by brewing the espresso T disc, using the same cup.

Tassimo Routine Maintenance

The manufacturer recommends using the Bosch Tassimo cleaning disc, otherwise known as the service disc, every few weeks if the device is used on a regular or daily basis. This helps ensure the best brews. The same holds true if the machine hasn't been used in months.

Parts of the Tassimo brewer should be washed or wiped down after every few days of use so the device functions properly. The T disc holder, piercing unit and the drink outlet, all under the brew head lid, can be removed and even washed in a dishwasher for easy cleaning. Be sure to reinstall these properly when you're ready to brew beverages again. The water reservoir should also be cleaned regularly inside and out, but must be washed by hand, as it isn't dishwasher safe.

If you brew drinks with T discs containing milk, creamer or hot chocolate, run a cycle with the service pod afterward to keep the unit clean.