Avoiding peek-a-boo bra straps can be tough when you're wearing sleeveless, strapless or backless tops and dresses. Strapless bras aren't your only option when it comes to providing invisible support. Match the style of your dress or top and the size of your bust with one of the many available strapless bra alternatives.

Support for your bust doesn't always require that classic clasp around your back. Instead of a strapless bra, consider an adhesive bra or cups that work with your outfit. Several types of adhesive bra styles are available.

Strapless and backless support body suits can replace the traditional strapless bra. Strapless body suits are ideal for women with C cups and larger, as they provide ample support. Backless body suits, which feature a classic strapless bra in the front, combined with a low-back or even no-back bodice, work well for smaller breasts. In addition to breast support, these undergarments also smooth the back and torso for a sleek look under fitted dresses and tops.


When choosing a backless or strapless body suit, consider going down a band size and increasing the cup size to maximize support.

Convertible bras come with straps you can position in a variety of ways, giving you the support of a classic bra without any visible straps. These bras work well for low-back and halter tops, because you can position the bra straps to mimic the style of the garment. Better yet, these bras work well for all bust sizes. You'll have to practice wearing these bras to master the technique, but manufacturer-provided instructions help you figure them out.