About Padded Underwear

By Cindi Pearce

Padded underwear gives you curves and shape when you don't have them naturally. If you have a flat butt and want a more bountiful backside, padded panties with removable pads can give you the shape that you desire. Foam or silicone pads are inserted into the panties, and this gives a realistic look to your backside. These padded panties are called butt enhancers and butt bras. Undergarments also exist that are designed to lift the buttocks.


Padded undergarments target the butt, legs, thighs and abdomen. In addition, cellulite seems to vanish when you are wearing these undergarments because they provide control and support. The undergarments can be worn under form-fitting dress, thin knits and sheer garments because they are made of a seamless woven design. The padded underwear is designed so that it does not roll down at the waist and is easy to care for. Most of the garments are made of nylon, Lycra and elastic.

Alternative to Butt Augmentation

Wearing padded underwear is a lot more convenient and far less costly and painful than undergoing the surgical procedure buttock augmentation to alter the size and shape of your buttocks. The underwear enhances your butt so that it appears firmer and lifted. Silicone pads can be inserted into the hip areas in the panties, and this gives you a wider look if that's your objective. Silicone pads make your butt look naturally rounder. Silicone-padded underpants help flatten the tummy and tone the waist and hips. When you wear a padded panty, it makes the rear end look perkier and adds inches to the butt while simultaneously making the waist appear smaller.

Foam Versus Silicone

Foam underwear enhancers are light and comfortable, but they will flatten out over time and numerous washes. Silicone enhancers feel very natural, but they can be heavy. Butt-lift panties enhance your bottom by lifting it up, but they can only lift so much. If your butt is extremely flat, this product won't do you much good.


Padded undergarments are also available for men. Men wear padded underwear for the same reason that women do: to fill out their pants and give them a better shape. But they also wear them when playing sports to provide protection. Some of the padded underwear for men provides a lift-and-separate feature and front padding. The underwear also slims the waist.