Beauty Brief: The Best Foundation For Acne-Prone Skin (with SPF!)

By Sam Negrin

Welcome to Beauty Briefwhere we take a deep-dive into the industry's top-rated skincare, makeup and haircare brands. We test them out exclusively for 30 days, learn from the founders and formulators, and let you know our 100% honest opinion. 👋

The search for the perfect foundation (or perfect anything) is never-ending, partly because of our inherent belief as millennials that there is always something better, and party because of all the news in our faces 24/7. So, it's basically trial and error. I was on that train until I started breaking out over the holidays last year, which followed with a very serious freak out (never good for acne). That's when I looked in my makeup bag and checked every face item I was using to see if it was comedogenic (you can do that here). Turns out that my beloved face tint was seriously clogging my pores, I won't name names.

credit: LEAFtv

During my frequent search on Dermstore I stumbled upon a really science-y looking bottle named Oxygenetix, "Oxygenating Foundation." After some research, turns out that this stuff was actually created to help minimize social downtime following procedures such as peels and lasers. It's also one of the only foundations I've ever heard an esthetician recommend you can work out in — not sure I would go that far, but I know there is sometimes that one patch or zit that you can't stop worrying about, and this could be good for that instance.

Now, I've stopped breaking out (TG!) but now there's some residual scarring that is such a treat 😬. Below is the before with zero makeup...

credit: LEAFtv

Not only did I develop a bit of scarring but I also have a tiny bit of melasma happening which requires some serious SPF. Another plus about this foundation, it has SPF 25. Now, I'm terrible with makeup and hardly use a brush or beauty blender, but I'm OCD with washing my hands... O.C.D. The application kind of feels like a moisturizer...

credit: LEAFtv

It's really light coverage but super buildable. I used the color Beige and it pretty much evened out to being perfect for my skin tone. Here is the after...

credit: LEAFtv

Excuse my dirty hair and uneasy smirk, but cameras this close up are never fun. But! You can see that the coverage is really light and looks like my skin, but much more even. It's covered up some scarring and basically brightened me up. It feels like I have NOTHING on... at the end of the day I'm not freaking out over needing to get my makeup off, I forget it's even there.

I've been wearing this every day for about two months and my skin has never been so tame. No breakouts or dry patches at all, I don't think I'll ever go without this guy. I also saw that Kourtney Kardashian uses it here, here and here. Soooo, there's that!

Next time I'll share the only other foundation I'm using now, at night (without SPF) that feels like a legit serum. Stay tuned! ~@samnegrin