Tips for Making Toddler Girl Haircuts Easier

Asian baby girl do hair cut first time

Your little one's hair is getting a little out of control, but getting a toddler to cooperate long enough to cut her hair is no easy task. Choosing a hairstyle that works for your toddler and being strategic about the haircut itself can improve the results.

DIY Haircuts

If you feel comfortable wielding scissors yourself, consider a DIY toddler girl's haircut at home. If you don't have experience cutting hair, stick to something simple like a straight bob, especially if your little one doesn't like to sit still.

Make the job easier by purchasing a pair of scissors designed for cutting hair. You'll be able to cut the hair easier and get better results with fewer jagged edges.

Comb your toddler's hair well before cutting it. You may find it easier to cut her hair while it's wet because it doesn't move around as much. Keep in mind the hair seems shorter when it dries. This is especially true of curly, wet hair that is combed straight. Take care to not take off too much hair.

Section off the hair with clips. Start with the bottom back section. Gradually let down more hair, and cut the next layers the same length as the bottom section.

Salon Haircuts

Not sure about your scissor skills? A trip to the salon may be a good solution. Opt for a salon designed especially for kids. The fun chairs and colorful interior make the haircut more appealing to your tot. The stylists should also know how to work with wiggly toddlers. Give your tot time to explore the salon and warm up to the idea of the haircut if necessary.

Tips for Getting Your Toddler to Sit Still

Whether you cut your toddler's hair yourself or take her to a salon, getting her to sit still can be a challenge. Use these tips to make the task easier:

  • Prep her for the haircut. Talk about it in a positive way. Get her excited about the idea of getting a big-girl haircut.
  • Turn on a favorite show. If you cut her hair at home, put a blanket on the floor to catch the hair, and turn on the TV. If you go to a salon, take along a tablet or smartphone loaded with a favorite show or movie.
  • Give her snacks. A few stray hairs may end up in the snacks, but having something to eat can distract her from what's happening.
  • Hand over a brush or other safe hairstyling tools. You might encourage her to style the hair of her favorite stuffed animal or doll. 
  • Talk or sing to your child to keep her attention off the cutting.

Toddler Girl Haircut Ideas

Not sure what to do with your tot's hair? There are plenty of cute style options depending on your child's hair type and length. Try one of these toddler girl hairstyle ideas:

  • Bob: This simple option never goes out of style, and it's easy to do yourself. Bobs can be many different lengths, so even a young toddler without a lot of length to her hair can sport this look. Bobs can be straight across, angled or layered to curl under.
  • Layered: Who says layers are just for adults? If your toddler has length to her hair, add some long layers around her hair. The layers add a little something extra and give her hair some movement.
  • Shag: Let your tot's hair run wild with a shag cut. This style uses lots of tapered layers in a less structured style. This option is ideal for toddlers with frizzy or curly hair that doesn't lay smoothly.
  • Pixie: Is your little one a little short on hair? Or does she hate hair getting in her face? A short pixie cut may be the perfect style for her. Another perk? You don't have to mess with combing out difficult tangles from long hair.