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When a loved one passes away, choosing how you will look when you pay your final respects is one way to show the family and the deceased how much you care. Your hairstyle is one of the first things other funeral attendees will notice. It is important to remember that the person who passed loved you for who you are, not how you style your hair. The family members of the deceased will appreciate the effort you made to present yourself in a respectful and conservative manner.

Long Hair

Women with long hair often have the most difficulty styling it for somber occasions. Hair that is loose and flowing implies a free spirit. If you choose to wear your hair loose make sure it is neat, without flyaways or wild tresses. The easiest styles are a simple bun, chignon or French twist. A low ponytail will also suffice to show respect while remaining neat. Keep in mind that many burials and funerals are held outdoors, so you want your hairstyle to be able to hold up in every possible weather scenario.

Short Hair

Women with short hair perhaps have fewer options when styling their hair for a funeral. Keeping it neat and orderly will show respect. Pushing long and wispy bangs back and clipping them in place with a barrette or pin will add some flair without going overboard. Some additional styling product may be necessary if the ceremony is held outdoors in inclement weather.

Men's Hair

Men's hair will probably change the least in terms of style for a funeral. As long as you don't sport a Mohawk or other outrageous style, keeping the hair neat and clean will do the trick. If you have longer hair, comb it back with a small amount of gel to keep it in order.

Children's Hair

Children who are old enough to understand what a funeral is will be least worried about their hair. For little girls, pulling the hair back into a ponytail or braid will look orderly and will create a style that withstands the rigors of the day. For little boys, combing the hair so it lays flat and is neat will be appreciated by the family and friends who are attending the funeral.