When you’re stressed out, one of the first places you probably think about running off to recharge is the beach. Whether it’s to hold a cocktail in your hand or to enjoy the natural exfoliant from the salt and sand, beaches have some sort of power over humans that make us feel at ease. If you’re searching for your next reason to sneak off to the beach, read up on these four reasons on why the beach is good for your body and soul.

1. Soothing Sound

White noise machines—usually filled with crashing wave-like sounds are known to help sleep come faster, and it’s no different with real waves (probably even better!). So whether you’re wanting a nap or to just chill, the sound of ocean water takes you back to nature, which puts us in a peaceful state of mind.

2. Skin Benefits

Babies are born about 75 percent water and slowly lose that content as they age. This is why it’s so important for humans to always stay hydrated—your body needs it! The salt in ocean water helps your skin retain its moisture better than fresh water, which is why your skin doesn’t prune during salt baths. Long story short, your body and skin feel at home around the beach.

3. Technology Detox

There’s something about the beach that screams “no technology” or at the very least “no phones.” Even if you have the perfect wifi signal, you feel like you might miss something if you’re caught staring at a screen. This is why you feel so much more invigorated after time away near the ocean.

4. Vitamin D

When you're at the beach, you’re usually soaking up some Vitamin D—even if it’s overcast. This sunny vitamin is a proponent of happiness and super good for you (when you’re wearing SPF of course). Think of the beach as a boost of happiness whenever you need it—it helps energize you as well. A quick 15 minute session is plenty!