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Pumpkins seeds contain essential fatty acids as well as vitamin A, magnesium and zinc, and a healthy dose of rarer nutrients. They can benefit people suffering from arthritis, prostate problems, depression or parasites. The main side effect of pumpkin seeds, a stomach ache, is negligible. However, if pumpkin seeds are used carelessly they can cause other indirect negative effects.

Stomach Ache

Eating large amounts of pumpkin seeds can cause stomach aches. This is because the high content of fatty oils contained in the seeds can upset the stomach, and even cause diarrhea or a loss of appetite. This can occur when you eat more than a handful of seeds at a time or more than the recommended dose of pumpkin seed powder. Eat pumpkins seeds with other foods to help negate the side effect.

Missing Nutrients

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You may encounter problems with pumpkin seeds when some of their beneficial nutrients are destroyed by cooking, or when you don’t chew the seeds and pass them whole. If you cook the seeds until they are crispy, you may be sacrificing the more unstable, water-soluble nutrients they contain, such as thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, and vitamins B6, B12 and C. If you pass the seeds whole because you didn’t chew them, you’ll miss out on all of the nutrients. You may think you’re getting lots of nutrients when you are not. So carefully chew the seeds, and gently cook over a low heat.

May Only Cure Symptoms

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Another problem can arise when pumpkin seeds help cure the symptoms of a health problem but don’t deal with the underlying cause. For instance, an enlarged prostate or prostate cancer can make it difficult to urinate. Pumpkin seeds can reduce inflammation and help with urination. But the seeds don’t help cure the cancer or the enlarged prostrate.