Sisal Hemp Plantation
Sisal Hemp Plantation image by Yali Shi from

Whole hemp seeds are crunchy and difficult to eat because of their fibrous outer shells. In an attempt to make this dietary supplement a little easier to munch, the shells are sometimes removed. You may find shelled seeds at specialty grocery stores, but whole seeds are generally cheaper and more prevalent. Therefore, it helps to know how to hull your own hemp seeds.

Pour the hemp seeds onto the table, and spread them out into a single layer. Make sure they are relatively close together so more will fit beneath the board.

Place the board on top of the seeds.

Tap the board with the wooden mallet; hit it every few inches to ensure that all of the seeds are ruptured.

Pour the seeds into a bucket of water.

Stir the seeds vigorously, so the shells will float to the surface while the seeds sink.

Skim the empty hulls from the water until none remain. If a few seeds still have their shell, crack them individually with the mallet. Then return them to the water and continue stirring until all of them are shelled.

Pour the contents of the bucket through the colander. Collect the freshly hulled hemp seeds.


Do not smack the wood hard enough to crush the seed.