How to Store Pumpkin Seeds

By LeafTV Editor

Pumpkins are great for pies and jack-o-lanterns, but one of the little known benefits to carving your pumpkin is that you end up with a great snack. Pumpkin seeds are filled with nutrients and can be part of a healthy diet, but only if they don't go bad before you have a chance to eat them. Here's how to store pumpkin seeds all season long.

pumpkin seeds in a glass bowl
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How To Store Pumpkin Seeds

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Harvest your pumpkin seeds. Once you've carved out your pumpkin, use a strainer to rinse the pumpkin seeds and remove any strands of pumpkin still attached.

Roast the pumpkin seeds. If you are interested in keeping your seeds from spoiling quickly, the best way to store them is to first make sure any excess moisture is toasted out of the seeds. You can use spices to add flavor when you roast your pumpkin seeds such as salt, nutmeg, cayenne pepper, and even chili powder.

Cool the pumpkin seeds before storing to avoid trapping moisture in the storage container. Pumpkin seeds will go rancid more quickly if exposed to moisture.

Store in an airtight container. A hard plastic storage container or disposable storage container is ideal because it creates an airtight seal to keep them fresh. However, if you live in an arid climate, you can store your seeds in a plastic bag.

Refrigerate or freeze your pumpkin seeds. Pumpkin seeds can turn rancid even after you roast them if left at room temperature. They will remain fresh for up to 2 months if refrigerated. If you are going to eat them soon, refrigeration is not necessary.