Super glue is an adhesive with an extremely strong bond. Containers of super glue are often small and could be mistaken for ophthalmic solutions such as eye drops, according to the British Journal of Ophthalmology. Whether the glue is accidentally dropped into the eye instead of a medication or rubbed in during a home repair or craft project, removing super glue must be done with care.

Wash the eye and eyelids with warm water if the eyelids are stuck to the eye or to each other. Wash as soon as you realize you have super glue in your eye to try to rinse the adhesive out before it fully bonds. Wash several times throughout the day to try to ease the debonding process.

Cover the affected eye with a gauze bandage if the super glue has bonded the eyelids or eyelashes together. Avoid trying to pry the glue off the eyelashes or you might injury your eye further. Within a few days, the glue should dissipate and you will be able to open your eyes.

Apply a sodium bicarbonate solution to your eye if super glue is on the eyeball itself. Sodium bicarbonate is a solution usually given through an IV to treat conditions such as acidosis. The Original Super Glue Corp. states that using a 3 percent concentration of the solution as an eye wash can help the glue debond from the eyeball. Expect temporary visual disturbances while using the solution, such as excessive tearing and blurring.

Consult an ophthalmologist if you are unable to remove super glue from your eye by yourself. Your eye doctor may perform other procedures, such as trimming the eye lashes to remove glue from the eye and its surroundings.