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Gorilla Glue is a bonding product that works on most surfaces. From mending broken vases to gluing craft projects, Gorilla Glue offers the adhesive properties necessary for most bonding jobs. Unfortunately, the Glue does not discriminate in what it bonds to, so dripping the adhesive on fingers makes for a troublesome removal. Tearing of the skin is a common danger with immediate bonding agents, and care is needed to protect against injury to the skin area when removing the Gorilla Glue.

Fill a bowl with acetone, or nail polish remover containing acetone. Dip your fingers with the Gorilla Glue into the acetone, and leave for two to three minutes.

Remove your fingers from the acetone, and gently pry a fingernail from the opposite hand under the glue. If fingers are glued together, gently wiggle the fingers to see if they dislodge. Do not force the fingers apart as you could tear the skin. If the glue remains bonded too firmly to the skin, place your fingers back into the acetone for five to six minutes, and repeat the removal procedure. Continue placing fingers into the acetone and testing the bond of the Gorilla Glue until you can safely remove the adhesive.

Wash hands with a mild soap and warm water after removing the Gorilla Glue. Slather moisturizing lotion on hands to restore oils removed by the glue and acetone.


Use cotton swabs or other disposable objects to apply Gorilla Glue to most surfaces.