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For women who just cannot help but pick and chew at their fingernails, fake press-on nails can be a great solution for preventing the world from seeing those unsightly nails. Unfortunately, press-on nails also have a habit of falling off, which can also be embarrassing. To prevent a press-on nail from falling off prematurely, a few simple steps can be taken to make the adhesive stick for as long as possible.

Clean your nails thoroughly with a rag and water before applying the fake nails. Any dirt on your nails will make the adhesive of the press-on nails less effective.

Buff your nails with a nail buffer before applying fake nails. The buffed surface will be easier for the adhesive of the fake nails to stick to.

Apply the press-on nails as close to the edge of the skin as possible. Any gaps between the fake nails and the skin will be areas where the adhesive is more likely to break down later from dirt and other material building up.

Press the nails on, and be sure to press down hard to get the best bond possible from the adhesive.

Moisturize your hands at least once a day, and try to generally keep your hands clean. Dry skin may pull back from the nails, allowing dirt and other debris a chance to get underneath the press-on nails and compromise the adhesive.