You are so lucky. You want to gain weight in just two days, while millions of people are trying to lose weight in just two days. While you may feel unattractive being so thin, you may just have a hyper-drive metabolism that burns up the food you put in. You need to put fuel into your furnace to drive that train. In this article, you will discover how to slow down your metabolism, and get more calories into your body. You will discover that food is your friend, not the enemy and that you just need to take your time and really enjoy your meals.

Increase your daily caloric intake. To gain 1 lb., you will need to consume about 3,500 calories a day. To gain several pounds in just two days eat higher calorie foods, such as ever so tasty chicken wings and delicious french fries. Eat more at every meal, and do not skip meals.

Eat foods that you usually don't eat. Don't consume anything diet, low in calories, or that has zero calories. Forget the zero calorie soda. Splurge and drink a bottle or two of regular soda in your two days of feasting frenzy. Get a salad with everything on it, including the fried chicken and the salad dressing that is loaded with 300 fattening, delectable calories.

Consume more food at every meal. Skip the bowl of dry cereal. Instead have pancakes with butter, syrup and several slices of delectable bacon. Drink a full glass of fattening whole milk. For lunch, eat an entire restaurant plate of pasta loaded with sauce, and eat all the bread heaped with buttery goodness. For dinner eat an entire pizza, and order the bread sticks loaded with delicious garlic.

This is crucial to gaining weight in just two days---relax. People who are naturally thin and need to gain weight usually have speedy metabolism. While eating fattening foods, sit in a Jacuzzi filled with hot bubbly water and enjoy. Watch television while eating those yummy french fries.

Stop fidgeting. People who are naturally skinny do what people who are overweight don't do, they fidget and don't sit in one place for very long. Fidgety people burn hundreds of calories a day by shaking a leg, or continually moving their bodies.

While you are eating a high caloric, fattening meal plan for two days, take your time while eating. Enjoy the food. People who eat really fast, don't chew their food well, and it doesn't get absorbed into the body. For people of age, drink wine or beer with your meals for these two days and really enjoy your food.


Drink high calorie beer for an entire weekend to gain weight really fast. Eat snacks loaded with fattening dip.


Only eat this way for several days, and then go back to a healthy diet so that you don't become overweight and unhealthy.