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If you ever wondered how you can burn calories without exercising and without taking any off the questionable diet pills, infrared saunas are the newest healthy solution in losing some of those extra pounds.

Increased Metabolism

"Far-infrared energy deeply penetrates the skin and warms the muscles and joints,” says Dr. Joseph Mercola. The radiation penetrates deep into the body and while it gets our hearts to beat faster, it helps us burn calories, while raising your metabolism.

Calories Burned

If a 150-lb person usually burns around 300 calories jogging or swimming for 30 minutes, the infrared sauna promises to help get rid of 400-600 calories in a one 30 minute session, according to Dr. Masakazu Imamura, MD study, published in the Journal of American College of Cardiology in 2001.

Quiet Time

So, instead of running 2-3 miles, just sit back and relax in a cozy infrared sauna, but make sure to have water to drink once you get out as you sweat a lot as well during this time, warns Dr. Richard Beever BSc, MD, CCFP in his study published in the Canadian Journal of Diabetes 2010.

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