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Beer breads tend to be quick breads made with baking powder or self-rising flour, salt, beer and butter -- that's it. Choose the type of beer you want to use based on your tastes. The darker the beer, the more beer flavor the bread will have. Although an enjoyable snack on its own, several foods go well with beer bread.

Soups and Chilis

Soups go particularly well with beer bread. Straight out of the oven, the warm bread with a bowl of soup is a wonderful way to warm up on a cold day. Try black bean soup or chili with beer bread for a hearty meal.

Meats and Barbecues

Consider using beer bread instead of cornbread as a side dish for barbecued ribs or brisket. Another winning combination is beer bread with beef stew.

Dips and Spreads

Beer bread pairs well with dips and spreads as a snack or appetizer. Try a vegetable spread or ranch dip for a light appetizer or a port wine cheese spread for a richer snack. Use beer bread instead of pita chips for a hummus dip.

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