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AndroGel is a testosterone replacement treatment designed for men. Facial hair grows naturally on men because of testosterone produced in the body. When testosterone levels drop, the body is normally able to compensate on its own and produce more. One of the side effects of lack of testosterone is the lack of facial hair growth. Using doctor prescribed AndroGel synthetically produces testosterone in the body. Once the body is back in balance again, facial hair will start growing naturally.

Open the gel pouch and squeeze the contents into your hand. Each gel pouch has already been measured with your prescribed strength of AndroGel. Follow this routine at the same time every day to keep your levels from spiking or dropping.

Rub the entire package of gel into your shoulders and upper arms. Keep the gel in an area that is easy to cover up with your shirt so that it doesn't easily rub onto others.

Wash your hands. Do not allow any of the gel to stay on your hands. Thoroughly wash with soap and water once you have applied the gel to your upper arms and shoulders. This is a precaution for others as extra testosterone can have adverse affects on men and cause problems for women and children.

Cover your shoulders and upper arms with a shirt after five minutes. Allow the gel time to soak into your skin and dry. Once dry, put on a shirt to prevent the testosterone from spreading to other people walking past you. Facial hair will begin to form naturally.


Do not bathe, swim or shower for up to five hours after an application of AndroGel or you will wash away the testosterone.


Keep the gel away from your pelvic area, it will cause adverse reactions. Call a doctor immediately if someone close to you begins showing signs of male pattern behaviors or features.