Androgel is a hydroalcoholic gel that contains 1% testosterone. It is generally prescribed to adult males who do not produce enough testosterone naturally. Androgel is applied topically to the upper shoulders and absorbed into the skin over a 24-hour period. Side effects include dry skin, anxiety, dizziness, hostility, difficulty urinating, pain in the genitals, sweating and nausea. It is possible to transfer Androgel to others through skin contact, so always wear a shirt while you are using it.

Consult your doctor. If you do not feel Androgel is right for you, try an alternative testosterone therapy or another prescription medication to ease your symptoms. Your doctor should be able to cater a Androgel withdrawal program for you.

Limit your Androgel dose to every other day. Instead of applying Androgel to your shoulders every day, only apply it every other day. During the days you are not taking Androgel, you may suffer mood swings, panic, nausea and sweating. These symptoms are a normal part of the withdrawal process.

Limit your Androgel dose to once a week. You should start this process after several weeks. Once you feel emotionally normal after taking Androgel every other day, you can switch to once a week. Although the testosterone will still be in your system, it will be a small amount easy to transition off of.

Stop taking Androgel completely. If necessary, start taking another type of testosterone supplement prescribed by your doctor.

Report any side effects to your doctor. If you are completely off Androgel and are still experiencing nausea, dizziness or mood swings, contact your doctor.


Always follow your doctor's instructions. He may have a better idea of your personal health problems.


If you are having suicidal feelings, call 1-800-SUICIDE immediately.