Woman applying lotion to thigh

There are many reasons a woman may wish to suppress a period using progesterone. Timing of the menstrual cycle may be performed for personal reasons such as a vacation or event, while women who have a luteal phase defect who have become pregnant may also use progesterone to delay menstruation and prevent a miscarriage. Using progesterone cream supplements will raise the body's natural level of progesterone in order to delay a period.

Start counting your menstrual cycle from the first full flow day of your period. This day is now cycle day one.

On cycle day 10, begin applying progesterone cream. Apply 20 mg of progesterone cream to the skin of the neck, belly or thighs. The progesterone will be absorbed through the skin.

Repeat the application of cream every 24 hours until a menstrual period is desired. Rotate between the areas where the cream is applied.

To bring on menstruation, stop applying the progesterone cream. Withdrawal from the progesterone will cause the onset of menstruation. This will also happen if a dose is skipped or missed. Once menstruation occurs, take a minimum of a five day break from applying cream to allow the hormones to rebalance.