What To Wear To A Concert In The Winter

Trying to decide what to wear to a concert in the winter can be a bit complicated. You want to wear something that looks good but will also be functional to protect you from the cold weather. Check the weather before you leave for your concert, then dress to both impress and stay warm. Here are some of our best suggestions

Jeans and Layers

Layers are a girl's best friend in winter, especially for attending a winter concert where you are likely to be both outside in the cold and inside with heaters running. Create your outfit for the concert by layering your clothing. Try jeans with your favorite t-shirt or top with a light to mid-weight sweater on top of that and a jacket or coat to complete the look. Jeans are good for any type of concert because they can be dressed up or down according to what you pair them with. Choose your shirt or top based on what type of concert you are attending, whether it's a dressy top for a Broadway theatre or a plaid shirt to see your favorite rock band. If it's freezing outside, the layers will help to keep your body warm and when you get inside the venue you can easily remove your jacket and still have a cute outfit that won't be too warm indoors.


It's always a good rule of thumb to wear comfortable shoes to a concert. In the winter you want to make sure that those shoes are not only comfortable but that they are warm. Try wearing boots — they're made for winter wear and are designed to keep your feet warmer than sneakers. Wear flat boots with at least a mid-calf shaft height. The boots will help to keep your feet and your legs warm while also being fashionable, whether worn with jeans or leggings and a dress.


When attending a concert in the winter, the accessories that you choose to carry with you are important, especially if the concert is either outside or will require you to stand outside for any length of time. Wear a hat. Hats don't have to be frumpy or ruin your hair. You can choose a cute knit cap that complements your outfit. Wear a coordinating scarf and gloves to also keep your neck and hands warm and protected. Making these accessories a part of your outfit as another layer enhances your outfit rather than detracting from it. Take along accessories that you'll be able to, and want to wear throughout the concert.

Formal Concerts

Attending a more formal concert event, such as a symphony or opera, requires different attire. If you're heading to a fancier event and want to dress up but not be cold, consider a knee-length skirt with tights or boots and a dressy sweater, or woolen slacks with a nice blouse and full-length coat. Nice, flat boots can be worn with either option, keeping your footwear both warm and functional in the cold temperatures. Wearing lined clothing will help to keep you warm without having to wear lots of layers to a formal concert event. Since most symphonies, operas and other more dressy concerts will have a coat check, you can wear a longer, heavier coat than you would normally wear for a winter concert and not have to worry about keeping up with it while inside for the event.