By Contributing Writer

There are a variety of clothing options to keep warm in cold weather. Layering is a good idea, as is having a durable warm coat, but don't forget accessories like hats and gloves to protect the entire body.

Types of Winter Clothing


"Puffy" Coat

Winter coats are worn to protect the torso and arms from cold and come in a wide variety of styles for men, women, and children. These include the fur coat, pea coat, leather coats, ski jackets or puffy coats.

Gloves and Mittens


Gloves are worn over the hands to keep them warm. They are usually knit, wool, or fleece. Fingerless gloves are available if you need your fingers free for activity. While gloves are designed in the shape of the hand, mittens cover the entire hand with a separation for the thumb.

Hats and Earmuffs

Hunter Style Winter Hat

There are a variety of hats designed for winter wear that cover the ears including the "beanie," a simple knit hat, with or without a brim. There are many designs that resemble the typical hunter's hat with flaps that cover the ears (see image). Alternatively, earmuffs wrap around the head to keep the ears warm.

Thermal Underclothes


Also called "long underwear," thermals are close-fitting enough to be worn under the clothes. They can be purchased as a one-piece suit or separately as shirts and bottoms.



A scarf is a long piece of clothing that is wrapped around the neck to keep it warm. Scarves come in a range of fabrics/styles such as fleece, wool, fur, velvet and more.