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When you want to stay warm, a nice winter hat can help keep your body at a balanced temperature. Winter or cool season hats are not only available in variety of styles, but are made from different types of material. Acrylic and wool are two popular options to keep you comfortable in any chilly, cold environment.

Acrylic Hats

Material for acrylic hats is man-made, consisting of synthetic fibers. Hats made of this material are inexpensive and don't typically have any special washing instructions. Acrylic head wear keeps its shape, holds its color, and is resistant to stains and wrinkles. Acrylic does not breathe well, so wearing a hat made from this material in warmer environments may make you sweat. However, acrylic is lightweight and considered a viable option for people with allergic reactions to wool or sensitive skin.

Wool Hats

Wool hats are made from the fleece of sheep. It is a natural fiber and requires a higher attention to care than its acrylic counterpart. Although wool is generally more expensive than other materials, its benefits are well worth the cost. Wool is water-resistant as well as moisture-wicking, which means the fiber breathes well and can eliminate perspiration. For people who are not allergic to animal fibers such as wool, the material can keep you toasty and feels extremely soft on the skin.

Hats With Blended Fibers

Acrylic and wool each have properties ideal for a warm winter hat. Combining the two materials can create fiber stability and enhance insulation. Depending on the ratio of fibers, a hat with blended materials can retain the extra warmth and wicking capabilities of wool while staying lightweight and resilient as acrylic. Hats with higher acrylic material are less prone to shrinkage. Hats with more wool content keep the head dry of sweat in both cool and warm climates.

Types Of Hats

Hats can be worn year around, but good wool and acrylic head wear is great for winter or milder seasons such as late fall or early spring. There are different styles of acrylic and wool hats such as a beanie, caps with ear flaps, stocking caps with a small brim and baseball-type caps. Variations on these styles can include a small ball of knitted fabric on the top of the head or even inner lining for added comfort.