Ever check the weather and think, ‘what the f*ck am I supposed to wear?’ Yeah, happens to us too, especially when it’s 50. degrees. fahrenheit. Whether you live in a cold or hot climate, the ambiguity surrounding how to stay warm, but not too warm, is a serious challenge. Here are some basics to add to your wardrobe for this obscure temp:

1. Start with a long-sleeve shirt


While you might be wanting to show off those brand new t-shirts and crop tops you got for a steal, it’s better to save those for a warm vacation...Fall brings the start of new fashion and warmer clothes on racks, so don’t be afraid to splurge on some cute long-sleeves that’ll keep you warm and in style!

2. Crack out the mom Jeans


We all dread the moment of truth when dust off our pile of pants and pray that our favorite jeans still fit. Regardless, jeans are a great go-to for 50 degree whether because a) they keep you warm, and b) there are SO many styles and cute options to choose from.

3. Vest it up


I know what you’re thinking, “vests are pointless,” “they don’t keep you warm,” etc. Contrary to popular belief, vests come all fabrics, light to heavy, and can help you avoid running into that uncomfortably warm feeling you feel when you step into an elevator in a parka. They also serve as great windbreakers, since wind is a #liferuiner… Vests are super versatile, they come in all sizes, colors, and patterns, and tend to compliment any body type. A simple vest can also be worn with almost any outfit--so don’t be afraid to experiment!!

4. Experiment with scarves


Scarves might haunt you as an accessory that contributed to your unfortunate middle school fashion choices. But don’t rule them out so quickly! The right scarf can be a TOTALLY stylish accessory that can also help keep you warm. Wait....what?! For example, a pashmina can function as a wrap/shawl/scarf and are often made of wool, which is super warm. Infinity scarves are also an excellent way to layer, and they’re easy to throw on while you’re walking out the door. The latest scarf trend worn by fashion fiends like Gigi Hadid and Rihanna, is the square scarf. Usually made out of silk, these boujee little things can spice up a simple outfit, available to buy almost anywhere, and aren’t hard to style.

5. Fall boots


A classic and necessary staple. Make sure you have a pair of these in your closet at all times!

6. Stylish sneakers


Usually when fall comes around, the shoe game is strong af. Save your tall boots for colder, harsher weather and find some practical, stylish sneakers. Platform, slip-ons, embroidered, athletic, high-tops--there are so many kinds!! Take your pick, and buy some kicks!