What Kinds of Hairstyles Work if I Want to Cut My Hair & Let the Gray Grow Out?

By Yvonne Van Damme

People go gray at different ages. For some it happens in their twenties and others in their forties. There comes a moment when you may want to stop coloring over gray hair or just grow out the gray hair. When considering what kinds of hairstyles will work if you want to cut your hair and let the gray grow out, consider what is flattering to your face. Keep in mind that the shorter that you cut your hair, the faster the gray hair will grow out.

The right haircut makes it easier to grow out gray hair.


Consider cropping the hair to just the middle or bottom of the neck. This is an in-between hairstyle that keeps the hair long enough to simply style and pull up into a ponytail but will lessen the contrast in colors. Long layers and side-swept bangs will add movement to this medium length hairdo. Use a curling iron or flat iron to style.

Long Pixie

A pixie do is perfect for letting the gray grow out. As you are cutting off most of the non-gray hair, it will transition in a snap. In a pixie style, the hair is short on the sides and back, about two inches in length. For mature women with gray hair, keep the top of the hair two to three inches longer. It softens the look around the face. Wear the hair on top wavy and let it lay to the side.

Choppy Bob

A choppy bob is both youthful and age appropriate. The length should go just about to the chin and angle slightly to the back. The choppy bob is a perfect hairstyle for cutting your hair and growing it out. Layers throughout the hair, as well as choppy bangs in the front, make it easy to style and takes the focus off of the different color tones in the hair.

Shoulder Length

Shoulder-length hairstyles work if you want to cut your hair and let the gray grow out. It is a perfect look if you are gun shy about going too short. Because it is a bit longer, growing the gray out will take more time than if it was in a pixie cut. However, shoulder-length, layered hair is extremely versatile. You can wear it in an updo or ponytail.