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Coach, established in 1941 in New York City, is a company that produces and retails luxury leather products. Using a variety of high-quality leathers and some other fabrics, Coach is most known for its collection of handbags. Coach also produces shoes, jewelry, fragrances, wallets, outerwear and purse accessories.

Rainbow Patent and Garcia Leather

According to Coach.com, the latest leather the company has developed is called Rainbow Patent Leather. It is made from natural cowhide that has closely spaced color variations in order to give the finished product a two-tone effect. Also relatively new is Garcia leather, which is made from natural tanned Italian cowhide.

Laser Cut Op Art and Reflection Sparkle Leather

Laser Cut Op Art and Reflection Sparkle are two types of leathers that are designed to give Coach purses a subtle metallic sheen. They are both overlaid with metallic foil in order to achieve this effect. Laser Cut Op Art leather is made of Apache leather and is laser cut in an eyelet lace design, according to Coach.com. Reflection Sparkle leather is made from cowhide and buffed with sandpaper in order to give the leather a softer appearance.

Other Fabrics

Coach handbags are also available in a number of other types of fabrics, including herringbone weave, straw, denim, sateen, canvas, embossed python leather, embossed crocodile leather, shantung, and patent leather.


Like any luxury goods retailer, Coach products feature certain signatures that serve to identify Coach products and separate them from potential imitators. In 2001 Coach launched a signature handbag collection which features fabric adorned with multiple letter C's. Many Coach handbags also feature the Coach logo, which is two horses pulling a stagecoach driven by a figure holding a riding whip. Other handbags feature a simpler version of the logo which is the name Coach spelled out in all-caps.