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It seems as though the options for metal from which rings can be made are endless. Naturally, there are particular metals that are more popular than others, including gold (both white and yellow), platinum and silver. One up and coming, inexpensive material is white lustrium, which differs from better known options, but not necessarily in a negative manner.


According to the website Metal Detecting Forum, lustrium is a mixture of nickel and chromium. It comes in two varieties, much like gold: yellow and white.


According to website, the ring's look is very similar to that of white gold or silver. Its benefit is that it does not tarnish, while holding the luster and brilliance of more expensive metals.

Class Rings

Obtaining white lustrium is easiest if you are looking for a class ring, as it is not an option when shopping for something like a wedding band or engagement ring.


Unquestionably the most popular class ring company, Jostens offers white lustrium as a key option when selecting a ring. Their description of the metal calls it "a durable and brilliant alloy at an affordable price."

Where to Find It

Lustrium is actually a Jostens exclusive, according to KSW Rings. White lustrium is more durable than yellow lustrium, which is coated with 23-carat gold, not showing as much wear over time. Neither will fade or change color over time, and the durability of both is unmatched.

Purchasing Lustrium

As it is unavailable elsewhere, you must purchase a class ring or customized themed ring from Jostens in order to obtain white lustrium. Some of these themed options, like a Dale Earnhardt ring and rings representing particular sports teams, can be found on the Jostens website.