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The triple trinity ring is more than a fashion statement; it symbolizes fidelity, love and eternity. Its pattern and symbolism continue to inspire art, design and jewelry around the world.

Celtic Significance

The trinity ring was a symbol of Celtic culture before it was adopted as a Christian symbol. Also known as a triquetra or Celtic knot, the pattern is found throughout Celtic art and culture. The knot was associated with Celtic mother goddesses and is a symbol for the meeting of the earth, ocean and sky. Occasionally, the trinity ring is seen with a vesica pisces, a circle at the interlocking center of the trinity rings.

Trinity Ring as Jewelry

Many couples choose the trinity ring as a symbol incorporated into engagement rings. In 1924, Cartier created a ring composed of three bands in different color golds: pink, yellow and white. The colors symbolize the unity of love, fidelity and friendship. Though its style is different from traditional trinity rings, it carries the original meaning of everlasting love.