What Is the Function of a Water Bra?

By LeafTV Editor

Anyone who hasn't worn or seen a water bra would ask what the purpose is. Like all the other special bras with fancy names like the Wonderbra or Miraclebra, the water bra has a specific function that women love and men enjoy seeing.

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What Is The Function Of A Water Bra

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Gravity takes its toll on perky breasts as the years go by. A water bra has water-filled pockets that fit snugly under your breasts to provide wonderful lift.


By lifting your breasts up and together, the water bra creates cleavage for smaller-breasted women. This makes it a great addition to your wardrobe for low-cut blouses.


A water bra isn't filled with lots of stiff padding or molded cups. It fits naturally to your body and the water inside it provides support without discomfort.

Make Breasts Seem Larger

The water bra fulfills the same function as any other regularly padded bra. It can add up to a full cup size to the appearance of your breasts.


Water bras are designed to appear seamless under your clothing, eliminating bulges and lines.