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Bras are a type of women's undergarment designed to support the chest and prevent back stress. Despite their purpose to make life easier for women, they can often slip, twist or ride up, causing discomfort. In order to solve the issue of why a bra may be riding up, the cause must be determined to be properly addressed.

Incorrect Sizing

Up to 80 percent of women may be wearing the wrong size bra, which is often the cause of most bra-related complaints. Many reasons for having an ill-fitting bra include improper measurements, weight gain or loss, natural breast development since the last fitting, or refusal to increase in size due to embarrassment. In order to decrease the chances of a bra riding up, you should consult with a professional at a local store to check for proper measurements.


Because bras are made of a thick material and tend to be tight around the band, sweat can accumulate under the chest, causing the bra to ride up. There are several methods to reduce the amount of sweat. First, you can simply wipe it away more often if there isn't too much. Second, you can try applying antiperspirant under the breasts to reduce sweating. Lastly, if this is a major issue, a doctor can prescribe a medical treatment to reduce the amount of sweat.

Sports Bra

For women who lead an active lifestyle, a regular bra may not be sturdy enough, which can lead to uncomfortable twisting and riding up. In this case, a sports bra may be a better option. The goal of a sports bra is to compress the chest, reducing the amount of movement while running or playing sports. Because there is less movement, there is a smaller chance for the bra to ride up above the chest.

Incorrect Bra Style

Bras are made in a variety of styles: strapless, halter, regular, one-strap and more. These varieties are made to suit a number of shirt styles, ensuring that straps are not visible beneath clothing. Bras with smaller straps (such as spaghetti straps or strapless styles) tend to ride up more often because they lack the shoulder support of other styles. If possible, change to a thicker strap to reduce bra movement.