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Curly and kinky hair tend to have uniquely shaped hair cuticles that can be difficult to style into straighter styles, which have more manageability. That's where hair texturizers come in.


Hair texturizers are chemical products that can loosen the hair cuticle's texture. Sometimes, people choose to straighten their hair with heating appliances such as flat irons or curling irons. Results produced by heating appliances are temporary, and the hair will most likely revert to its natural state in humidity and moisture. Hair texturizers are more permanent than heating appliances. They don't allow the hair to revert to its natural texture, even if it rains of there is high humidity in the air. A person can have straighter and more manageable hair for a lengthy period.


Although texturizers loosen the curl pattern in the hair, they don't totally straighten the hair. If an individual is looking for a straighter appearance, she should opt for a relaxer to completely straighten the hair. Because hair texturizers are chemical products that change the structure of the hair follicle, they produce permanent results. So the results will last until the hair that has been processed with the texturizer grows out.


Two types of hair texturizers exist on today's market: no-lye and lye. Lye texturizers have a strong ingredient called sodium hydroxide. Sodium hydroxide can produce highly effective results but can cause serious damage to the hair, especially if improperly applied. No-lye texturizers contains a mild ingredient called calcium hydroxide, which serves as a better choice for those with sensitive skin. Both types can produce satisfactory results if applied by a professional.


Because hair texturizers are chemical products, they should be used with caution. To achieve a straighter texture, hair texturizers alter the hair cuticle by breaking its protein and moisture bonds. To restore these bonds, a regimen of careful hair styling and restorative hair treatments is necessary to ensure the hair's health. In addition, regular hair trims help avoid split ends--a common signal of unhealthy hair. If a person is considering using a hair texturizer, she should consult a hair professional to see if it would be effective.


Hair texturizers are meant to be kept in hair for a maximum of 10 minutes, or the texturizer can cause the hair to straighten entirely. The goal of a hair texturizer is to achieve a looser curl pattern that doesn't exceed the form of waves. Keeping a timer nearby during the application helps ensure that the user doesn't exceed the product's time limit described by the texturizer's manufacturer.