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Few things say "spa indulgence" quite like a couple of cucumber slices over tired, puffy eyes. Aside from the stress-reducing effects of simply lying down and resting your eyes, cucumbers have properties that help to temporarily improve the look and feel of the delicate skin around your eyes. It also can't hurt that the size and shape of cucumber slices make them perfect for placing over your peepers.

What's in a Cucumber

One of the primary benefits of cucumber comes from its main ingredient -- water. Cucumbers are about 95-percent pure water; placing slices over the eyes helps moisturize and soften dry skin. The small amounts of vitamins A, B and C in cucumbers also have skin benefits, although you'd take in more nutrients from eating a cucumber salad than from a cucumber eye treatment.

Cooling Properties of Cucumber

"Cool as a cucumber" isn't just an expression. Cucumbers, especially when they're fresh from the fridge, are cool to the touch. Just as an ice pack relieves swelling on an injury, cool cucumbers act as an anti-inflammatory and astringent on skin to both reduce swelling and constrict blood vessels around the eyes.

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