What Colors of Sweaters Go Well With Navy Pants?

By Alexandra Corbella

Navy pants are a versatile staple item that should be part of any well-constructed wardrobe. Navy is a deep-blue shade that can be paired with a variety of different colors to create looks that range from traditional to bold. Navy pants pair beautifully with many tops, but one of the best items to wear them with is a sweater.

credit: Photos.com/Photos.com/Getty Images
Navy blue pants come in a variety of cuts and styles.

Think Nautical

Navy blue is one of the classic nautical colors, so it goes well with other maritime shades. Try pairing your navy pants with a bright-red or ivory sweater to create a subtle nautical effect. Or, go bolder by pairing your navy pants with a striped sweater featuring a combination of two contrasting colors like vibrant orange and white.

Go Neutral

Navy blue pairs well with soft neutral colors. Try pairing your navy pants with a cream-colored sweater to create a delicate look. Shades like beige, taupe and light grey also work well with navy. Or, if you want to try soft neutrals but crave a bit more color, consider pairing your navy pants with a light-peach or butter-yellow sweater. The combination is unexpected, without being too bold.

Be Bright

Although navy is a classic color, it doesn't have to be worn exclusively with other traditional shades. For a bright, youthful look pair your navy pants with an electric orange sweater. The contrast between the two hues makes a striking, vibrant statement. Or try pairing your navy blue pants with a bubblegum-pink sweater. The femininity of the pink stands out next to the traditional navy, creating a bit of whimsy.

Blend Blues

Wearing two different shades of one color does not always result in a fashion disaster; in fact, dark blue pairs beautifully with many shades of soft blue. Try wearing your navy pants with a short-sleeved aqua sweater to create a summertime look that is reminiscent of a day spent by the pool; or, pair your navy pants with a cornflower-blue sweater for a sophisticated look.