Finding the right shoes to wear with the perfect outfit is a must for anyone who wants to look good. There are many options to pick from when it comes to shoes. There are heels, flats, strappy sandals, wedges, closed toe, or thong sandals. In addition to the types of shoes there are many designers to choose from when making this decision.

Sophisticated Shoes

When wearing a white dress, there are many shoe colors you can wear. If you are looking for a more sophisticated style that is also dressier, gold or silver high heels is best, according to Nine West makes a slingback silver shoe called Karoo that can be found at Macy's that would be the perfect mate to a white dress. For a comfortable but dressy shoe, there is a Bandolino "Dottie" sandal that has a crisscross strap in the front with a wrap around the back.

Fun Shoes

If you are looking for a more fun and flashy look to wear with the white dress, a colored high heel in blue, green, red, pink or purple will be good. Pairing a colored shoe with a white dress allows for the outfit to be more flashy and not as simple. Tommy Hilfiger makes a red wedge called Chavella that is a fun shoe to be paired with a white dress.

Dress it Down

If the white dress is a sundress or similar style and it is an outfit for going to the beach or something else casual, the best shoe to wear would be a flat sandal in any color. The flat can have a closed toe or have straps or be a thong sandal. Colors to avoid would be black or white because these colors would clash with the dress. If looking to have a more dressy shoe but still casual going with a closed-toe flat shoe that either has a design on it or has rhinestones on it. An example of this type of shoe is Chinese Laundry's Good Times flat found at Macy's. This shoe has a print on it that mixes colors of blue, silver, white and black through the use of sequins to give a fun, casual look.