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The color goes by many names -- maroon, burgundy, oxblood -- but each name describes a wine-colored hue that mixes red and brown. Maroon is a rich tone that goes beautifully with other autumn colors, dark neutrals and even pastels. This universally flattering color has the unique ability to make a bold statement without being too trendy.

Match Maroon For A Classic Look

The best way to keep your maroon outfit palate classic is to wear any maroon piece with other maroon pieces or with black or espresso brown. A monochromatic maroon outfit is both a stylish and understated look for women. Wear a maroon leather skirt with a maroon chiffon blouse and a pair of bordeaux suede heels. Lighten the mood by pairing a deep maroon jacket that has strong purple tones with varying shades of pink. Guys can create a classic look using maroon by using a pop of this rich hue with an all-neutral outfit. A charcoal gray suit topped with a pea-coat style black wool overcoat can be fashionably accessorized with a pair of maroon leather gloves.

Complement Maroon For Bold Style

While it's easy to pair maroon with neutrals, sometimes it's fun to play with contrasting colors. For example, pair sky-blue and turquoise statement necklaces and other chunky jewelry pieces with maroon dresses and skirts. If you're taking this approach, keep your other accessories closely matched to maroon. In the colder months, complement your maroon pieces with other fall colors that are near the opposite end of the color-wheel. Green-gold shades such as marigold work well if your maroon piece has more red, and chartreuse is a good bet if your maroon shade has more purple. You can go big and color block a couple of pieces in this color scheme or simply add a pop of a contrasting color here and there -- a scarf, gemstone earrings or a silk pocket-square -- to keep things interesting.

Maroon Styling For Men

Maroon is everywhere in menswear -- jackets, jeans, shoes and shirts. Depending on your interest level in the color, it can be incorporated on a big or small scale. If you love maroon, invest in a rich, red-hued wool overcoat. Wear it with any fall suit in your wardrobe whether they are brown, black or gray and coordinate all the colors with a tie that has both maroon and a complementary color such as gold. If maroon is a color you'd like to explore cautiously, try a pair of maroon slim-fit pants. Wear them with a neutral cream, gray or black sweater and a pair of ankle boots.

Maroon Styling For Women

Maroon is a staple color for fall in womenswear. You can think of the color almost as another black. Wear your maroon A-line skirt with black tights, black leather knee-high boots and a chunky black sweater. If the weather's quite cold, add a light, neutral button-down under the sweater and a pair of maroon leather gloves to tie in the skirt. Maroon accessories are a lovely color to incorporate into a basic neutral outfit. A maroon envelope clutch is perfectly paired with a navy suit and dark heels. A maroon blazer, pair of patent-leather pumps or felt fedora hat are all pieces you can wear with any of your winter neutrals -- your black jeans, gray dresses or brown trousers -- to add a bit of color without throwing off your classic vibe.