Ways to Wear Converse High-Tops

By J.C. Tolentino

Converse are some of the most versatile, recognizable, and classic sneakers. They transcend every season, come in a variety of colors, and look good with just about anything. Here are some stylish and comfortable ways that you can wear your high-top Converse:

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  1. A basic cotton tee or flannel button-up with a pair of distressed denim or colored cotton shorts will look great with Converse and are perfect for a warm, sunny day. Check out these photos on Pinterest for some inspiration: Look 1 | Look 2

  2. Master the cool, effortless look by pairing your Converse with cuffed skinny jeans. You can cuff up your jeans about an inch or two from the hem and alternate between a varsity sweater, knit sweater, or an elongated tee for your top. Here's some examples: Look 1 | Look 2

  3. Dress up your canvas kicks with a long maxi skirt and fitted, short leather jacket. A long skirt with high side-slits, or a sheer overlay maxi skirt would work perfectly. This creates another flirty and fun outfit that can be worn on a casual evening on the town. Another way to dress up your Converse is to add a blazer or bowtie over your collared shirt. Check these Pinterest photos for ideas: Look 1 | Look 2

Each of these looks are effortless, friendly and fashionable and can be worn on a variety of occasions- on campus, quick outing, or a small get-together with friends. High-top Converse are a great pair of shoes because they complement a variety of personal styles.