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Choosing a new hairstyle can be a challenge for women. Women with big noses who wish to go for a very short style are additionally limited. Choosing a very short hairstyle which complements or diminishes the appearance of a big nose can be difficult and is often advised against. However, variations on basic styles such as the addition of layers or bangs can change a hair don’t to a hair do.


Layers create a softening effect which offsets the prominence of a big nose. The addition of layers can alter short styles such as bobs, shags and pixie cuts to be more flattering on a woman with a big nose. Layers create texture and draw the eye to the hair, while softening facial features.


The addition of curls or waves can minimize the appearance of a big nose, by creating a widening effect to the face that, in turn, makes the nose appear smaller in the overall distribution of facial features. In addition, curls help to soften facial features.

Side-Swept Bangs

While straight bangs are often discouraged for women with big noses due to their tendency to highlight rather than diminish large noses, side-swept bangs do the opposite. By drawing attention to the eyes, side-swept bangs help to minimize strong features.

Side Parts

Center hair parts have a tendency to create a long facial appearance. The visual lengthening of the face focuses attention on middle features such as the nose. To draw attention away from a big nose, a soft side part which is suitable to any facial shape is ideal for women with big noses.

Hair Coloring

Hair coloring is another way to draw the eye away from a prominent facial feature like the nose. A distinctive color choice can draw the eye to the hair rather than the face. How hair color is applied can also assist in softening strong facial features. For example, applying a different hue at the tips draws the eye away from the roots and further away from the face and nose.