You may think you don’t need a wristwatch since you can check the time on your mobile phone, but think again. Today’s watches are more useful than ever with add-on functions like fitness tracking and smartphone connectivity. Many of today’s watches have on-trend style that makes them a fun accessory for any look. Plus, sometimes it’s simply easier to check your wrist than to dig your phone out of your purse.

Classic Wristwatches

Traditional analog watches never seem to go out of style. Companies like Coach and Bulova offer updated versions of classic analog watches, with small- to medium-sized faces featuring hour, minute and second hands. A leather or metal link band completes the classic look. A classic wristwatch with a neutral-tone face and band can be worn with either casual or dressy styles.

Statement Wristwatches

A statement watch is designed to draw attention to itself with a large face, bold colors or lots of sparkle. Many top designers offer statement watches, including Marc Jacobs and Tory Burch. At the high end are luxury watches from brands like Cartier and Van Cleef & Arpels that include mother-of-pearl, diamonds and gemstones on the face and band. Statement watches tend to be worn for certain occasions or events, though an inexpensive sports watch with a large face can also make a statement.

Digital Sport Watches

Digital sport watches are still used by some women to track fitness activities like biking and running. Timex and Casio are top makers of women's sport watches. Functions provided by these watches include a stopwatch, heart-rate monitor, alarm and night light. Since these functions are also available in fitness trackers and smartwatches, many women are turning to those instead.

Fitness Trackers

A wearable fitness tracker takes the place of a wristwatch for many women. These devices help support several aspects of your health, from how many steps you take per day to how many hours of sleep you get each night. Most trackers come with a mobile phone app that allows you to upload your tracking data and see reports about your progress toward your fitness goals. Fitbit is a leader in the fitness tracker market; other popular brands include Garmin and Motiv.


Smartwatch technology has advanced quickly over the past few years. Bulky early models with limited functionality have evolved into sleek high-tech accessories that support a full range of apps. Features you can expect to find in a smartwatch include GPS and a heart rate monitor that can be used for fitness tracking. A smartwatch will also give you the ability to connect to the internet and run apps like Uber and Yelp. The Apple Watch is one of the most popular smartwatches for women since it connects to iPhones. Smartwatches that connect to Android smartphones are offered by Fossil, Kate Spade and Michael Kors.

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