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Timex introduced the first Ironman digital watch in 1986. it was inspired by the athletes in Hawaii's Ironman Triathlon. It became an instant hit with sports enthusiasts because of its durability, water resistance, alarms, stopwatch and backlight features. The Ironman Triathlon watch evolved over the years, and newer models include heart monitors and GPS technology. The type of battery needed to power the Ironman watch differs by watch model.

Battery Type

Determine the type of battery needed for a particular Ironman model by checking the back of the watch. You will see the battery type engraved on the steel casing. Most start with the letters "CR." For example, the Ironman Fitness Trainer takes a CR2032 battery. The T62962 Ironman Triathlon 8-Lap Shock Resistant Watch uses a CR2016 battery.

Replacing Battery

Batteries for Ironman series watches are widely available at electronics and jewelry stores. Though you may replace the battery yourself, Timex includes a warning in many of its owner's manuals saying it "strongly recommends that a retailer or jeweler replace battery." The idea being that a jeweler has the right tools and is less likely to accidentally damage the mechanisms or compromise the watches water resistance feature. In some cases, a reset button needs to be pushed when replacing the battery. This will reset the date and time. Certain Ironman models, including the Road Trainer HRM, have two batteries.

Battery Life

How long the battery will last depends on the number of features and functions of the model, and the type and frequency of usage. Some batteries in Ironman watches last several years. In addition to a low battery warning, unusual Indications that the battery is running low may include odd digital displays and beeping sounds.


If the battery in your Ironman watch has been replaced and it is still not working properly the problem may be in the way it was reassembled. The back must be reattached the same way it came off. If it is put on upside-down, the sound indicators on your watch may not work. If you are experiencing problems, the best bet is to take the watch to a jeweler.