Types of Bracelet Clasps

By Kecia Hambrick

There are many types of bracelet clasps. Some are just used for their function, while others are designed to complement the look and design of the bracelet. Choose a clasp that will keep the bracelet securely on your wrist while also adding to the look of the jewelry.

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Spring ring clasps tend to be tiny and difficult to maneuver.

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Hook and Eye Clasp

The hook and eye clasp is recommended for heavy, bulky bracelets. It includes a hook on one end of the bracelet, and a loop called an "eye" on the other. To secure the clasp, the hook is placed through the eye. The better-functioning clasps contain a hook that's bent properly to keep it from slipping out of the eye. The eye can come in many shapes; a common one resembles a figure eight.

Lobster Clasp

The lobster clasp is among the most popular closures for bracelets. It looks like a lobster claw, and works with a spring mechanism that can be opened by the push of the lever. It secures the bracelet by linking with a loop at the the opposite end of the piece. The lobster clasp is known for its strength, which is why it's commonly used in all types of jewelry. Due to the way they function, it can be difficult for some people to open and close them with one hand.

Magnetic Clasp

Magnetic clasps are a newer way to keep bracelets secure. They are easy to use, and involve two magnetic pieces attached to each end of a bracelet. Magnetic clasps are sometimes cheap and do not hold the jewelry together well, which may lead to a lost bracelet. These are also not recommended for use by women who are pregnant or those who have pacemakers, due the the strong magnetic field they create.

Spring Ring Clasp

A spring ring clasp is similar in function to a lobster clasp. However, the shape is different -- the ring is circular. The closure works with a spring mechanism and lever. Push down on the lever and insert the other end of the bracelet into the ring to properly secure it. They can be difficult for bracelet wearers because the ring has to be opened with one hand.

Toggle Clasps

Toggle clasps are a popular choice for bracelets. They can be created in many designs and styles, enhancing the beauty of the jewelry. The toggle works by inserting a bar into a ring. The bar should be long enough that it overlaps the circle at both ends. If there is little overlap, the bar can come out too easily.