Types of Body Shapes

By Kristal Smith

All bodies are shaped differently. However, there are six basic categories those fall into. Depending on your body shape, you might carry more weight on a certain area of the body. There is no right or wrong body shape. Here are the six shapes and a little information about each one.

Types of Body Shapes

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This shape is often referred to as the perfect shape. An hourglass figure is one that has a small waistline with an equal hip and bust line.

Inverted Triangle

The inverted triangle, or apple shape, is when the top of your body is heavier than the bottom. You might have a large bust, broad shoulders or both.


The triangle shape, or pear shape, is when the bottom of your body is larger than the top. A person with a triangle shape typically has narrow shoulders, a heavy rear, heavy thighs or all three.


Rectangle shapes are when your bust and hip-lines are the same width. Your waist has little definition. Your arms and legs are proportionally slender. Most women with a rectangle shape have small to medium breasts and might have flat bottoms.


Oval bodies tend to have a round waist that is undefined. The stomach area is low. You might have "love handles." The hips are wide and upper thighs thick.


Diamond shaped women have an undefined waist with a large, high stomach. The bottom can be full or flat.