Tips to Increase Beauty for Men

By Edie Grace

Men's grooming has come to the forefront of beauty magazines in the last decade. The beginning of the "new man" and the "metrosexual" has meant that there is more pressure on men to look their best. There are a few things that men can do regularly and easily to improve their personal presentation.

Proper care and grooming can help a man look his best.


Aging is the biggest challenge in looking one's best. For men, the effects of aging can be harder to hide as they do not have the benefit of using a lot of cosmetics. A good diet, exercise and taking care not to stay too long in the sun can all help to keep a man looking young. Grey hair can also make a man look older. Hair dyes for men have come a long way since their invention and there is now a range of hair dyeing products that can look very natural.


Good grooming can make any man look better. Regular haircuts are a must as unkempt hair detracts from a handsome face. Nails should be kept clean and cut every week and facial hair should be also be trimmed at least once a week. Long eyebrows or eyebrow hair that cannot be controlled can be trimmed with nail scissors. There is also a number of electric razors on the market designed to cut nose hair, ear hair, and facial hair. If a man is suffering from a "monobrow" (brows which are not separated between each other over the bridge of the nose), removing the extra hair with a razor or waxing can open up the face.

Skin Care

Many men still do not use sunscreen when out in the sun, causing irreparable damage to their skin. Sunscreen should be used whenever one exits the house. Sun damage is the worst thing anyone can do to their skin and can cause premature aging. Excessive sun breaks down the natural collagen in the skin, causing it to sag and become loose. The sun can also cause the pigmentation of the skin to be affected, causing "sun spots" that make the skin look patchy. Smoking, drinking a lot of alcohol and having a poor diet can also affect the skin as all these habits sap moisture from the skin and cause pores to clog. Because of this, maintaining a healthy lifestyle can be more valuable than applying expensive creams. Men's skin differs from women, so men should invest in skincare targeted towards them--using a spouse's face cream cannot replace a quality moisturizer. Facial scrubs should be used twice a week and skin cream applied daily to prevent blemishes and to protect against aging.

Men's Makeup

Men can really benefit from male cosmetics. A tinted moisturizer applied where the sun naturally hits can improve the face. Under-eye concealer can also hide the effects of a late night. Concealers for men do not have the same shimmer as women's products.