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While the trends of the day will often dictate the particular style of your hair, it is important to wear your hear in a way that compliments your neck and facial structure. If you have a short neck, it is important to cultivate a hair style that you enjoy and that helps your neck look proportional to the rest of your head and body.


If you have a short neck, layering a short haircut will help add texture and volume to your hair, making your neck appear narrower as a direct result of the layering. To further accentuate the layering, putting highlights in your hair will make this texture stand out further, giving your neck a sleek and slimming appearance. In addition to your neck looking slimmer, it will also make it appear longer in proportion to the shortness of your hair.


A style made popular by the flappers and socialites of the 1920's, a bob will bring your hair up to an extremely short length. In addition, a bob cut will often leave your hair straight and uniform, highlighting the angles in your neck and giving it an extended appearance. In bringing your hair up with this cut, you will be revealing more of your neck, improving its proportion with respect to your face and the rest of your body.


While your neck is accentuated in the front by the way your hair falls, you can also increase the appearance of your neck by razoring the hair at the nape of your neck. In doing this, the hair that normally covers the back of your neck will be gone, increasing the amount of exposed neck that can be seen by you and your peers. This will elongate your neck, helping to further improve the proportions of your body.

Face Reveal

In elongating a short neck, it is also possible to accentuate different features on your face, such as the shape of your face and ears, in an effort to elongate your entire face and neck as opposed to just your face. In addition to shortening your hair length, thinning the hair and bringing it tight in a closely cropped look will help increase the size of your face and ears, elongating it along with your neck. In addition, letting your hair grow very long and wearing it parallel to your neck can also have this same effect.