The Difference Between a Hobo Purse and Others

By Crystal Green

There are different strokes for different folks, including handbag choice. There are many options for handbags based mainly on the overall size and design of the bag. Hobo purses are oversize, crescent-shaped handbags originally designed with one single strap and no inner compartments. This style may not be suitable for you if you need more structure or less size. Choosing the bag that works best requires a little understanding of how some of the others compare to the hobo bag.

Sling your hobo around your shoulder with style.

Hobo Versus Clutch

Choosing between carrying a hobo bag to the party and a clutch is no-brainer. The hobo bag got its name from wandering vagabonds who tied up all of their stuff in one bag. If you need to haul a lot of stuff around with you, a hobo is going to be the best choice compared with the small clutch. Clutches can carry only a few small items such as keys and money. Clutches typically have no handles are made for you to "clutch" in your hand or tuck under your arm.

Hobo Versus Tote

The hobo is the sexier style when it's compared with a tote bag. Although the tote bag is similar in function to the hobo -- making it easy to throw all of your junk inside of it – the tote allows you to carry not only larger items, but also heavier ones. If you have work files and papers, a laptop and even your lunch, all of these things can be placed in side of your tote and you're on your way. However, it will likely leave you digging around for your smaller items unless your tote includes an inside or outside pocket. Some totes have more structure than the hobo, allowing it to stand up on its own once items are placed inside.

Hobo Versus Handbag

The traditional handbag is the one-strap purse that can be worn on a single shoulder or looped over the head and placed across the body from one shoulder to the opposite hip. Purses of this style are made in dozens of different sub-styles and are available in all shades, sizes and colors. Evening bags, one of the handbag sub-styles, have elegant beading or embroidery. Although hobo bags can be made out of any fabric with a variety of embellishments, the main difference between hobos and handbags is that handbags are much smaller and often come with one or two compartments to section things off.

Hobo Versus Backpack Purse

The backpack purse was created to mimic a typical travel backpack and is worn on the back with double straps for each arm. These bags are usually the same size as a purse, contain many zippered compartments and give wearers a hands-free option for carrying items. Although the hobo is typically slung on the shoulder, the backpack is made to stay on your back, where you will have to take it on and off to access contents.