The Best Women's Shoes for Walking on Cement All Day

By LeafTV Editor

Walking on hard concrete all day with wrongly-shaped or badly-reinforced shoes can not only be painful but potentially harmful. According to the Aurora Health Care website, "footwear that is too tight, too loose, excessively airtight or shaped in unnatural ways can cause or aggravate problems." These problems include blisters, calluses, hammertoes and heel pain, so if you find yourself having to traipse around on hard cement all day, invest in some appropriate footwear.

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The Best Womens Shoes For Walking On Cement All Day


The Dansko Kari

The Dansko Kari is a specific type of shoe designed for women with active lifestyles; they really benefit those who have to walk on hard cement or concrete all day. The shoes themselves look much like a clog and are built without a heel back for extra comfort and for ease of slipping on and off. The Walking Shoes Review website adds that with "a casual brown color for everyday errands as well as professional settings, the Kari is a great choice for women who need a comfortable and stylish shoe without any frills. It's easy, it's simple and it simply works for a variety of 'concrete walking' situations." What's more, the Kari shoe comes in a wide range of neutral colors for the workplace, including white, black, brown and stone gray.

Work Boots

If you are a woman who works in an industrial environment, a sturdy and solid pair of work boots might be just what you need. Usually waterproof and with steel reinforcements, heavy boots can be ideal for those who spend their 9 to 5s on hard cement floors. Work boots not only protect your feet from fatigue and pain, but are designed to be comfortable and unnoticeable. According to the Cheap Work Boots website, "common styles of work boots are 6- or 8-inch boots that come up and over the ankle which can offer good support and protection." Other styles include Wellington boots, Oxford boots and those specifically designed with insulation or non-slip-ability. Some of the more popular and better-quality brands for women's work boots include Caterpillar, John Deere, Wolverine, Ariat and Danner.

Chameleon Arc Range

Younger and older women both benefit from Merrell's Chameleon Arc range. This particular range is aimed at both children and adults and offers a series of comfortable, robust and waterproof pieces of footwear. Most of the shoes make use of Merrell's innovative In-Board EVA footframe technology, which is designed to absorb impacts, sharp edges and hard flooring. The Walking Shoes Review website adds that "active women could use a good casual shoe that doesn't sacrifice comfort at all--the Chameleon Arc [range] from Merrell definitely fits the bill."