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Christian Louboutin shoes are a status symbol. Just one look at those shiny red bottomed soles and people instantly know you're wearing a designer shoe. Because Christian Louboutins are so expensive but so in demand, there are going to be a lot of fakes out there. If you're looking to buy a pair of these iconic shoes, it can sometimes be hard to tell if you're getting the real thing. If you're looking to buy, there are a few guidelines your should to ensure that you're getting the real thing.

Pay attention to price. We all love a good deal, but you have to know when a price seems just too good to be true. Christian Louboutin shoes retail anywhere from around $600 to $1600, depending on the shoe. If you spot a pair selling for a ridiculously low price, odds are they're fakes. If you really want a pair of iconic Louboutin shoes, more often then not, you have to pay the price.

Check out the sole of the shoe. Christian Louboutin shoes are famous for their red bottom, so you can bet any fake will have a red sole, but there can still be an identifying factor. The soles of many fakes will have a more matte finish. Louboutins always have a shiny sole. If you can't tell the difference, go to a Christian Louboutin boutique or other luxury store and check the soles out yourself, prior to making a purchase.

Check out the stitching and other small details of the shoe. Christian Louboutin's are expensive because you are paying for impecable quality. If the stitching of the shoe is very obvious or you notice any major flaws in construction, odds are you don't have the real thing. Go on the Christian Louboutin website and study a photo of a shoe you know is legitimate and compare it to your shoe. Is the quality the same? If not, odds are your shoes aren't authentic.

Look at the inside of your shoe. Every Christian Louboutin shoe will have the words "Christian Louboutin Paris". Study the font of the markings on the shoe. It should be identical to the real thing. Every single Louboutin made will have the exact same, identical words in the same font, so give extra attention to this.

If you choose to buy your shoes on an auction website, take extra care to make sure the seller is trustworthy. Check their seller rating and read their reviews. You'll want to buy from a seller who has a solid history and an excellent rating. Make sure the seller posts lots of photos of the shoe. If the only pictures you see look like generic stock images, don't buy from that seller. You want to see several detailed images from different angles to ensure the shoes you're buying are legitimate.