How to Select Shoes to Wear With a Woman's Suit. Yes, you can get away with just a few pairs of shoes to coordinate with your multiple suits. Buy basic, yet classic, and spend a little more up front to ensure a longer life.

Start with a basic black mid- to high-heel pump. You can wear this shoe with straight-leg pantsuits as well as skirted suits. Pumps truly are a businesswoman's staple.

Consider a pair of leather loafers for a more casual look. This style is appropriate for both wide- and straight-leg pants, as well as your basic straight skirt. Black is the most versatile and the dressiest color; dark brown will make a rich contrast to navy, but will definitely be viewed as more casual.

Buy a pair of sling-back pumps for spring suits. They're elegant and classic, and widely accepted in less conservative work environments.

Decide on a heel height that gives you the lift you'd like, but make sure that your feet can handle 40- to 80-hour work weeks at that elevation. Covered heels are dressier than their stacked (wood-heeled) counterparts.

Invest in high-quality, well-made shoes that fit your feet. Over the long haul, your feet will be in better condition, and your shoes will last longer.

Consider the texture and weight of your suit's fabric. Heavier-weight fabrics call for leather, whereas a microfiber shoe is appropriate for silk and nylon blends.

Shine leather shoes regularly. This lengthens the life of the shoe and conveys a more professional and polished appearance.

Resole your pumps as they wear down at the rubber or plastic tipping. Neglecting this may saw your heel down to the leather stem and damage the shoe.


When your leather shoes get caught in the rain or land in a puddle, blot the excess moisture and air dry. Avoid drying them with any heat sources, as this will parch the leather and damage the shoe.