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There are plenty of figure-fitting jeans that are perfect for the older woman, regardless of her shape or size. Nearly all women will put on a little extra weight at the waist as they age, and without weight training their height may diminish with the years. Not only does this mean a big change in your figure, it also means a big change in your wardrobe, particularly in your collection of jeans.

Seven7 Jeans at Lane Bryant

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Some companies seem to think that only younger women wear jeans. According to The Budget Fashionista’s website, “It appears that most jean companies think that after age 40, a woman’s waist shrinks 10 inches, starting slightly below (her) armpits.” Seven7 jeans instead offer a plus-size, stylish trouser not tailored specifically for the leggier, slimmer woman. This brand of jean comes in a variety of washes, colors and cuts. For the woman who wants to shave a few years from her look there is the straight-leg, indie jean that doesn’t require you to be too skinny. For the woman who wants to draw focus away from her curves there are various boot-cut jeans that balance the natural bends of your figure with loosening at the ankles. Seven7 jeans also come at an agreeable price, with most cuts and washes priced around $70 and $80.

Earnest Sewn’s Straight Leg Jeans

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For the older woman who still cares a lot about her look, there is Earnest Sewn. Launched in 2004, the company’s key principles include “the beauty of things imperfect, modest, and unconventional.” The company is famous for their anti-manufactured approach, with three people individually monitoring each stage of design, sewing and wash. Earnest Sewn’s Straight Leg jeans are particularly for older women who have a straight, narrow body line. The jean sits a little lower than plus-size jeans, and really hugs the thighs before bunching around the calf muscles and ankles. This cut of trouser works for the smaller older woman who wants to wear a jean popular with the younger generations. Prices start at around $180.

Gap’s Old Navy Wide-Legged Jeans

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Gap has made an ideal pair of jeans for an older woman who is conscious of her curves. The jeans have tailoring specifically for comfort, because the fitting through the hip and thigh is relaxed, and boasts enough room for even the widest legs. The knee area of the trouser is still fitted in order to provide shape to the garment, making it look more flowing and stylish. There are a wide range of washes and colors ranging from the super-dark navy to the bright white. Their average price is $35.