jeans image by Tijara Images from Fotolia.com

Boot cut and flared jeans come in styles that vary in the position of the waist, the fit through the leg and down to the hem, and leg width. Both types of jeans have differences, as well as flattering qualities men and women can appreciate.

Boot Cut Jeans

Boot cut jeans for women may fit at the waist, low on the waist, on the hip or extra low, depending on the brand. The leg bottom opening typically ranges from 18 to 20 inches. The fit through the rear and leg may be slim or relaxed. For men, the leg opening is only slightly wider than the rest of the leg, allowing the hem to fit over boots.

Flare Leg Jeans

Flare leg jeans typically fit lower on the hip or extra low. The rear and thigh fit is usually slim for women, and the bottom leg opening 21 to 27 inches, flaring out from just below the knee. If overall fit is looser or the leg fit is wide, they are considered wide leg or trouser jeans. Men's flared jeans are typically fitted slim through the hip and thigh. The leg opening is generally wider than boot cut jeans.

Smoothing Body Shape

Women who have wider hips or consider themselves "bottom heavy" find boot cut and flare leg jeans flattering as they even out body shape while accentuating feminine curves. Wider leg openings tend to be more comfortable for women with larger calves. A longer inseam helps both styles fit nicely with heels, shoes and sneakers.

Slim men may like the fuller image that flare leg jeans provide, while others sizes can appreciate boot cut jeans, which make guys look a little taller and slimmer by extending past the ankle and over the footwear.