The Differences Between Juniors & Women's Sizes

By Rianne Hill Soriano

Categorizing women's clothing sizes is essential for better shopping. It also allows more convenient designing styles that fit women looking for the right clothes to wear. Each category typically features different-numbered sizes so that one particular design of clothes can cater to the more specific size, age and design preferences of a shopper. These main categories primarily depend on the woman's age bracket and body structure.

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Woman trying on clothes.


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Junior clothing shopping.

The Juniors category features clothing that is made slightly smaller, slimmer and shorter than the other categories. The cut of the clothes in the Juniors section is generally made for the youth. This means that apart from the cut, the clothing's styles and designs are geared towards the still developing junior body -- with great consideration for the more trendy teen market. Selections generally have tighter fits for shirts and pants. The cuts are straighter and less curvy, with smaller busts and hips.

Plus Juniors

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Plus junior clothing.

The Plus Juniors category features clothes that have slimmer cuts through the bust and hip areas; they have higher bustline, as well. Unlike the regular Plus Women's category, the Plus Juniors has less differentiation between the waist and hip measurements. The primary difference between the Juniors and Plus Juniors is the overall body size for each. Plus Juniors are ideally cut for younger bodies that are less fully developed, less curvaceous and more youthful in proportion. The clothes' styles and designs are geared toward the youth market, as well.


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Misses clothing.

The Misses or Missy category is quite similar to the regular Women's category, especially in the shoulder widths. However, its overall cut is considerably in between the Juniors and Women's. Although clothes under the Misses category are cut more generously in the bust and hips compared to Juniors, they are still meant for adult women with smaller bust sizes and slimmer frames. The styles and designs are generally fashionable with trendy, with small to average-sized female adults in mind. Sizes under this category include petite sizes for young women. The clothes run a bit wider than Juniors, but narrower than Women's.


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Plus size woman.

The Women's category is primarily meant for adult women with fully developed bodies. Its clothes are geared toward for those with large bust sizes, high waists and baggy seat areas. This category provides a wide array of choices for women with short legs and baggy middles. A woman with a mature figure would more likely prefer this category instead of the choices in Misses. The styles and designs for Women's are also more mature and suitable for more adults.