The Differences Between Juniors and Women's Sizes

Different categories of women's clothing make it easier to find the right fit and style for a woman's age group and body structure.


The Juniors category features clothing that's made slightly smaller, slimmer and shorter than the other categories. The cuts are straighter and less curvy, with smaller busts and hips, for young women whose bodies are still developing. The clothing styles are inspired by the trendy teen market.


The Misses category is similar to the regular Women’s category, especially in the shoulder width, but the overall cut is considerably in between Juniors and Women’s. The clothes run a bit wider than Juniors, but narrower than Women’s. They're cut more generously in the bust and hips compared to Juniors, but they're still meant for adult women with smaller bust sizes and slimmer frames. Sizes in this category include petite sizes for young women. The styles are generally trendy, too.


The Women’s category is meant for adult women with fully developed bodies and more mature figures. The clothes fit those with large bust sizes, high waists and baggy seat areas. The styles are more grown up and classic.